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HP 460W HE Hot Plug AC Power Supply Kit

6.00 LBS
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Product Description

HP 460W HE Hot Plug AC Power Supply Kit.

The high efficiency Common-slot power supply is a key technology in the HP Thermal Logic initiative. HP Common-Slot Power Supplies share a common electrical and physical design that allows installation in G6 server platforms that have a common-slot power supply bay. You get the best in efficiency and reclaim the wasted or lost power.
HP Common Slot High Efficiency - Power supply - hot-plug ( plug-in module ) - 80 PLUS Gold - AC 100-240 V - 460 Watt

Main Specifications
Product Description HP Common Slot High Efficiency - power supply - hot-plug - 460 Watt
Device Type Power supply - hot-plug - plug-in module
80 PLUS Certification 80 PLUS Gold
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
Power Capacity 460 Watt
Designed For ProLiant DL180 G6, DL2x170h G6, DL320 G6, DL360 G6, DL360 G7, DL370 G6, DL380 G6, DL380 G7, DL385 G5p, DL385 G6, DL385 G7, DL4x170h G6, ML110 G7, ML350 G6, ML370 G6, SL160z G6, SL165z G6, SL165z G7, SL170z G6, SL2x170z G6

Device Type Power supply - hot-plug - plug-in module
Power Device
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
Frequency Required 50/60 Hz
Power Capacity 460 Watt
Efficiency 90%+
80 PLUS Certification 80 PLUS Gold
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP ProLiant DL180 G6, DL2x170h G6 (460 Watt), DL320 G6 (460 Watt), DL320 G6 Entry (460 Watt), DL320 G6 High Efficiency (460 Watt), DL320 G6 Performance (460 Watt), DL360 G6 (460 Watt), DL360 G6 Base (460 Watt), DL360 G6 Efficiency (460 Watt), DL360 G6 Entry (460 Watt), DL360 G6 Performance (460 Watt), DL360 G7, DL360 G7 Base, DL360 G7 Central Management Server, DL360 G7 Efficiency, DL360 G7 Entry, DL360 G7 Performance, DL370 G6 (460 Watt), DL370 G6 Base, DL370 G6 High Performance, DL370 G6 Performance (460 Watt), DL380 G6 (460 Watt), DL380 G6 Base (460 Watt), DL380 G6 Entry (460 Watt), DL380 G6 High Efficiency (460 Watt), DL380 G6 Performance (460 Watt), DL380 G7 (460 Watt), DL380 G7 Base (460 Watt), DL380 G7 Entry (460 Watt), DL385 G5p (460 Watt), DL385 G5p Base (460 Watt), DL385 G5p Entry (460 Watt), DL385 G5p High Performance (460 Watt), DL385 G6 (460 Watt), DL385 G6 Base (460 Watt), DL385 G6 Entry (460 Watt), DL385 G6 High Performance (460 Watt), DL385 G7, DL385 G7 Base, DL385 G7 Entry, DL385 G7 HE, DL385 G7 Performance, DL4x170h G6 (460 Watt), ML110 G7, ML110 G7 Base (460 Watt), ML110 G7 Entry (460 Watt), ML110 G7 Performance (460 Watt), ML350 G6 (460 Watt), ML350 G6 Base (460 Watt), ML350 G6 Entry (460 Watt), ML350 G6 Performance (460 Watt), ML370 G6, ML370 G6 Base (460 Watt), ML370 G6 Entry (460 Watt), SL160z G6 (460 Watt), SL165z G6 (460 Watt), SL165z G7 (460 Watt), SL170z G6 (460 Watt), SL2x170z G6 (460 Watt)

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